Celebrating 25 Years!

Celebrating 25 Years!

The bandstand idea came about in the fall of 1992 after a very successful year celebrating North Hampton’s 250th Anniversary of incorporation as a separate town.

Some of the committee members gathered to reflect upon the numerous happenings throughout the celebration.  Suddenly someone remarked that, in view of the many events that were held at North Hill Common, how nice it would be to have a community bandstand at that location. The idea was there and after a period of dormancy, the idea was revived in 1995.  A committee was formed, permission was given by the selectmen to build it on town property and a non-profit organization, Friends of the North Hampton Bandstand, was formed.

It was with some trepidation that committee members began approaching townspeople, and others, to request donations.  There was no cause for misgivings, the response was overwhelming!!  Community spirit was alive and well and the fund began to grow.  At the bandstand there is a granite monument with an engraved brass plaque which lists the names of all individuals, businesses and in-kind services. Without these, the bandstand might not have been possible.

Various towns and cities were visited by the committee to inspect bandstands.  A plan was agreed upon, bids were solicited and construction began.

Construction proceeded throughout  the winter and spring of 1996 and culminated on May 27, Memorial Day, when a preliminary concert was held, given by the Good Memories Band, sponsored by the American Legion.  On June 22, 1996 the dedication of the Bandstand and Proclamation of Gift was presented to the Town Selectmen and accepted by Dick Wollmar, Chairman.

In celebration of this 25th year of Wednesday night summer concerts we hope you will come out , relax, see friends and neighbors and enjoy these very special evenings on the common. Here's a link the the 2021 concert schedule: https://northhamptonbandstand.com/calendar

Delores Chase, President

Friends of the North Hampton Bandstand